About Us



Founded in 2021 by Christopher Evangelatos & Steven Davis, between the two of them and their devout passion for golf is where the idea for this adventure began. A lifestyle golf brand was always an idea, but when the appropriate time came the brand was developed. The brand name came to them because in the game of golf, the PIN, is undoubtedly the most identified object. Since the beginning of golf in 1875, the golf PIN has been the staple to mark each hole on a golf course. Whether you are standing on the tee box to hit a drive, hitting an approach shot from the fairway, or of course, going for that hole in 1 on a par 3, the PIN is the single most essential visual marker for every golfer.

Mission Statement

PIN(s) core belief is that the golf course is a sacred place. Our outlook on golf apparel follows the principles of golf, honesty, integrity, confidence, and class. (Our clothes are reflected to mirror those ideals.) Our clothes are  developed with integrity, to make our consumers feel confident, with a splash of class and our mission statement is honest - - we're here, for you.